Glaze Anatomy

multiple, various contributors
"Book: The Democratic Multiple" class at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada
Daniel Tatterton, Natalie Tan, Aimee Brown, Anita Bhatia, Colby Fergusson, Jacob Maddison, Chutimon Sereedeelert
Diane Cote, Jessie McNeil, Gabrielle Dao, Jenna Milsom, Kirsten Bisgaard, Emily Hiller, Tylor MacMillan, Amanda Gregory-Jones, Kari Kleinmann, Sangito Bigelow
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half-page, chipboard cover, black tape binding, screenprinted donut on cover
Glaze Anatomy is a zine by multiple authors who created this art zine as a class project. The styles of the different artists blend to create this uber creative zine on the topic of the human body. From insert in zine "Glaze Anatomy is a group publication created by the "Book: The Democratic Multiple" class at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. It contains the various no-holds-barred interpretations of the class-elected topic of the human body- ranging from the factual and informative to the strange and peculiar. This run of 50 zines has been printed and photocopied in black and white on standard computer paper. The format of Glaze Anatomy is a simple 5.5x 8.5"; however, included within are multiple full spread posters, several of which are removable. Every copy of this publication has been hand bound and covered by each person in the class using PVA and reinforced at the spine with black tape. The covers are made of sturdy chipboard with a custom designed and screen-printed image, which are attached to the zines using beautifully screen-printed end pages created by the members of the class."
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