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We have a new website! Visit to see up-to-date news of what we're up to and to browse our catalogue.

Content on this website is subject to being out of date as we work towards properly archiving it.

 The Anchor Archive Zine Library has a collection over over 5000 zines from the local area and around the world. Zines are self-published publications made outside of mainstream press and media, by all kinds of people about all kinds of things. The Anchor Archive sees zines as an important way to take media into your own hands, find a voice for yourself, and find information and stories that aren't represented in mainstream media and culture.  You can find us here!

Unfortunately our website is not working properly right now so it's hard to search for zines and see what is in the library. We are in the process of getting funding to upgrade the website, so please bear with us until then.

To borrow zines you must be a member and visit the zine library in person. You can become a member by donating $2-10 or donating a zine. You get zines for 2 weeks and can take out 13 at a time.

You can search for zines in our catalogue (about half of our collection has been catalogued) or browse by topic in the library. Instruction on searching are on the Help page. If you're interested in reading about how the catalogue was created, you can check out our catalogue blog.

We have zine making supplies to use (paper cutter, long-armed and heavy duty staplers, and typewriters), as well as a computer with the internet. We also teach zine-making workshops, host events, and sell zines. 

The Anchor Archive Zine Library and People's Photocopier are now open at RadStorm, 6050 Almon Street on Sunday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm or any event at the space.

Check out our Zine Library Policies for more info!




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Members can login in here and collective members can access resources and instructions here.