2009 Residents

by zinelibraryzac

Garth Hardy (Winnipeg) – May 22-31 Garth is an artist and musician who created a collaborative, improvised score for a the classic silent film "Man With a Movie Camera" that was performed during the city wide Sound Bites Festival. He assembled a cast of local musicians to participated in a workshop process to create the score, and taught an Improv Music Skillshare. See this Media Coop story - http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/story/1560.

Anna Leventhal (Montreal) – May 28-June 10 Anna is a writer and performer who was working on a short story collection about communities, networks and systems called 100 Common Disasters and How to Survive Them). As part of an ongoing experimental narrative, she worked on one portion of the book, developing a written chapter and holding a campfire reading around the theme of "City Buzz".

Christopher Todd and Leanne O’Conner (Glendale, KY and Pittsburgh, PA) – June 6-20 In this double residency, Christopher compiled issues of his game playing zine, Ollyollyoxenfree, into a compact resource zine, while Leanne wrote a how-to zine about creating a DIY events guide, based on Pittsburgh “Do It!” calendar.

Luna Allison (Ottawa) and Riot Coco (Montreal) – June 16-30 Luna and Coco are artists and activists who worked together on beginnig stages of a larger multi-media installation project. Using poetry, visual and print media, they are working to give voice to the inner, personal life of the organizer, exploring inner and outer realities of seeking social chance as queer feminists. Luna held a workshop about "Finding your voice through your politics" and Riot Coco held a workshop about "Empowerment through radical visual art".

John Weldon (Montreal) – June 27-July 10 John is an animator, filmmaker and comic artist who worked with the NFB for more than 30 years. He created a special Halifax issue of his Ashcan Alley comic book, and held a screening of some of his film work in the CBC Radio Room.

Russel Edworthy (Calgary) - early July Russel used the Ink Storm Screenprinting Studio to compile a compendium of information regarding Secret Space Inhabitants (monsters, creatures, denziens of Halifax and the Atlantic Shore).

James Kirkpatrick and Jamie Q (London, ON) - July 22-29 James and Jamie are artists who work together as the Dusty Peas team. They who created a collaborative screenprinting artist book entitled "A Journey Through Time and Space" using the Ink Storm Screenprinting Studio.

Tim Groves (Toronto ) – August 6-20 Tim is active in unearthing Toronto’s hidden histories, through projects like the Missing Plaque Project, and looked for ignored and overshadowed Halifax histories. He created several posters on local Halifax history and put them up in relevant locations as site-specific zines. Tim also taught a Skillshare on investigative research. See Media Coop story here - http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/story/1837.

Nancy Jean (Los Angeles, CA) – August 16-30 Nancy is a filmmaker and artist who photographed people and places she encountered to create a short photo-based animated travelogue of Halifax. She will held a screening of her completed animation along with work by herself and others at the Echo Park Film Centre in LA.

Sarah Contrary (New York City) – August 28-September 10 Sarah is a book artist and zine maker. She worked on a zine about turning 30, asking questions like “What does it mean to ‘grow up’ in a culture where adulthood is predicated on participation in a capitalist culture that I don’t want to be a part of?” and “What does success look like?” She also did a Skillshare Workshop on simple book structures.

Christopher Wilde (Milwaukee, WI) – September 6-20 Chris works with the Queer Zine Archive Project, and his time in Halifax was used to launch SPEW Fo(u)rth: A Canadian Queer Zine Art Show, using zines from QZAP as well as the Anchor Archive collection. Using materials and methods of street style and grafitti art, the pieces used zine excerpts to highlight significant queer voices in pages of queer zines. See Media Coop story here - http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/story/1960.

Elisabeth Belliveau (Montreal) – September 16-30 Elisabeth is a Montreal artist who is dedicated to the expression of longing, loss and love in her zine, book, embroidery and animation work. She worked on a new zine of Halifax-based drawings, and embroidered some of her drawings during backyard tea party sewing parties. She also hosted an animation screening that included her own work and other Montreal artists.

Alex Wrekk (Portland, OR) – October 10-25 Alex is a long-time zine maker and participant in zine culture. She came to Halifax to work on new issue of her Brainscan zine, in time for the annual Halifax Zine Fair. She also  co-facilititated a workshop on teaching zine workshops.