Since 2007 we have opened our arms and our space to special summertime guests for the residency program.  We invite zinemakers, screenprinters, performers, writers, musicians, organizers, makers and do-ers, movers and shakers, builders, and/or artists-of-all-sorts to Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

The 2014 Residency Program is underway!

See a list of our 2014 residents.  Check our announcements for their events or stop by the zine library to meet them.

Who hosts this residency?

The Anchor Archive Zine Library is a library with a collection of five thousand zines that can be borrowed, as well as a resource centre with a photocopier, computer, internet and zine making supplies. The Anchor Archive is now located at Plan B Merchant’s Co-op at 2180 Gottingen Street.

The Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective is a studio that has all of the equipment for screenprinting: light table, screens, washout station, and powerwasher. We offer affordable studio space, teach classes and host events. Space pending*

The Anchor Archive & Ink Storm function together to host projects and are dedicated to providing free or affordable access to independent and alternative media, art, and education.

Sad Rad is a collectively run music space for all-ages shows, practicing and recording. Sad Rad has shared equipment including: R-16 digital 16 track recorder, DAT (digital analog tape) recorder, mono tape duplicator, drum kit, P.A. and collection of small amps. As our resident you will have access to the gearshare and space. Sad Rad can also provide the human resource of a non-hierarchical improv band. Space pending*

*Ink Storm & Sad Rad are in the process of securing a new space together, with the goal of having a space before the residency season starts in May (although the future is unwritten).

How to apply

The residency deadline is around the beginning of each year.  Look for a call for applications around December/January/February.

Questions? Please contact:

We acknowledge support from Nova Scotia Communities, Culture & Heritage for the 2013 Roberts Street Residency program.

Past residents and project descriptions

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