The Residency Committee is excited to announce our 2015 summer program! For the next five months ten visiting artists are here to make, organize, and hang-out. Please stay posted for upcoming event announcements and get ready to make some wicked new friends!

>> 2015 Residents

About the Residency

Since 2007 we have opened our arms and our space to special summertime guests for the residency program.  We invite zinemakers, screenprinters, performers, writers, musicians, organizers, makers and do-ers, movers and shakers, builders, and/or artists-of-all-sorts to Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Anchor Archive // Ink Storm // Sad Rad RESIDENCY INFORMATION – 2015

Come join us for a zinemaker, screenprinter, musician, performer, writer, organizer, maker and do-er, mover and shaker, builder, and/or artist-of-all-sorts residency program in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

The residency program runs from May until September. Residencies are two to four weeks long, and residents are provided with space, equipment and support for their project as well as living space within walking distance of the spaces. We encourage projects that relate to the mandate of both the Anchor Archive & Ink Storm & Sad Rad, in any medium or format.

We are:

  • the Anchor Archive Zine Library, located at 2180 Gottingen Street within the Merchant Co-op Plan ‘B’.
  • the People’s Photocopier, also located at 2180 Gottingen Street.
  • the Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective studio, located at Radstorm at 6050 Almon Street
  • the Sad Rad Collective, also located at Radstorm at 6050 Almon Street

Descriptions & Mandates:

The Anchor Archive & Ink Storm & Sad Rad are spaces for people to come together to share skills, knowledge, and resources.

The Anchor Archive Zine Library is a collection of five thousand zines that can be borrowed, as well as a resource centre including a photocopier (B&W and colour), computer, internet, button maker and zine making supplies. The Anchor Archive is dedicated to projects that provide free or affordable access to independent and alternative media, art, and education. We support critical, creative projects and inspire social change with DIY (do it yourself), nonhierarchical, and consensus-based approaches. We aim to be active in our communities by collaborating with other groups and projects. We strive to be inclusive, aware of barriers and discrimination, and welcoming to all ages.

The Inkstorm Screenprinting Collective is a studio that has all the equipment for screenprinting. We offer affordable studio space, teach classes and host events.

Ink Storm’s mandate is to provide affordable public access to screenprinting equipment and facilitate sharing of knowledge through skill-building workshops. We are addressing the lack of affordable studio and workshop space in Halifax, inviting everyone into our space to embark on creative expression through printed matter. The studio is a great place to produce posters or t-shirts to promote community projects, and to work on personal art projects. We strive to create a community space for building ideas, sharing skills, and collaborating on projects.

We are not for profit, all workshop and studio fees pay for rent and supplies. We work in partnership with the Sad Rad music collective to create a public space, for visual art, music, and events. We are celebrating and promoting do-it-yourself art and handmade production as an affordable and accessible means of expression and creative process.

Inkstorm is located at Radstorm, a shared space with Sad Rad.

Sad Rad is a collectively run music space for all-ages shows, practicing and recording. We have a “sound-proofed” room for jamming and music making during the evenings. Sad Rad has shared equipment including: R-16 digital 16 track recorder, DAT (digital analog tape) recorder, mono tape duplicator, drum kit, P.A. and collection of small amps. As our resident you will have access to the gearshare and space. Sad Rad can also provide the human resource of a nonhierarchical improv band.

Sad Rad’s mandate is a work in progress. Sad Rad is an affordable all-ages venue. It is a place that has no tolerance for violence, hate or oppression. We aim to build community through trust, respect and support. We stand together and we stand up for each other through our words and actions. We support bands and acts that might not find space to showcase their talents. All this in a judgment-free way to enable the growth of all participants, including younger people and bands that are just starting out.

Sad Rad is located at Radstorm, a shared space with Inkstorm.

Residency Program:

Residencies are two to four weeks long from May through September.

We are interested in proposals for projects that embody the same sort of do-ityourself spirit as the Anchor Archive & Ink Storm & Sad Rad, and that contribute in some way to the community and/or the space.

We welcome proposals of any sort – not necessarily zine-based (although that is certainly welcome). We will offer you support and help executing your project, and access to supplies that we have. Teaming up with Sad Rad is a  new aspect of the residency program, so we encourage residency projects that have a music or audio component who can make connections with the Sad Rad collective and utilize Sad Rad’s resources. Bands or musical projects with more than one person are welcome to apply.

Residents will be housed in a small one-bedroom apartment within walking distance to the Anchor Archive & Ink Storm & Sad Rad. The apartment is furnished and cozy and has access to outdoor space as well.

How it works:

Residents get two to four weeks. This is not much time! Please keep this in mind when planning your project.

Here are some tips:

  • Keep it simple! It’s easy to overestimate what you can accomplish in a few weeks.
  • Plan ahead! Do prep and research before you arrive so you can hit the ground running.
  • Give yourself time! You’ll need to get oriented, meet people, and hit the beach. Don’t forget to make time for those things in your schedule.

We expect you to share your work with us in some way. Here are some possibilities:

  • give a reading
  • have a project launch party
  • teach a workshop
  • have a music show
  • do a performance
  • have an art show
  • have a film screening
  • host a discussion

You get the idea. We’re excited you’re here, and want to see why you came. Events can happen at the Anchor Archive at Plan B Merchants Co-op or at the Ink Storm / Sad Rad space (aka Radstorm), or at other venues around town. We will help you plan and promote your event.

Resources Available

Anchor Archive (at Plan B - 2180 Gottingen Street)

  • Zine library with nearly five thousand zines (!!) many of which are electronically catalogued
  • High quality photocopier with Black/White & Colour functions and large format scanning capabilities (up to 11x17 size)
  • Computer with internet as well as wifi
  • Gallery space (can be booked for events or shows)
  • Typewritter, letraset, 1in button maker, long-arm & heavy duty staplers, stamps, and so many zine making supplies!

Ink Storm (at Radstorm – 6050 Almon Street)

  • Large light table
  • Screens & emulsion
  • Washout station with backlight and powerwasher
  • Printing tables with clamps
  • Inks, squeeges, scoop coaters and other supplies
  • Sewing machines

Sad Rad (at Radstorm – 6050 Almon Street)

  • PA system
  • Collection of small amps
  • Drum kit
  • Microphones and stands
  • R 16 Digital Recorder
  • DAT (Digital Analog Tape) Recorder
  • Mono tape duplicator
  • Jamming, recording, and show space

Some background:

The Anchor Archive Zine Library and the Inkstorm Screenprinting Collective used to operate under the umbrella name ‘Roberts Street Social Centre’. We recently thought it fitting to lose this associated name, because we are no longer on Roberts Street and the entities have separated. The Anchor Archive is located at Plan B Merchant’s Co-op which is open daily from 11am to 7pm for browsing and reading zines in the library, buying zines for sale, and using the photocopier. Scheduled open hours occur twice weekly during which the public can borrow zines and get assistance from an Anchor Archive Collective member.

Sad Rad existed for about a year on its own on top of a radiator shop on Young Street, but then had to leave and was without a home for about a year. Sad Rad teamed up with Inkstorm and both groups now have a space on the second floor of a commercial building on Almon Street, called “Radstorm.” Sad Rad and Inkstorm moved into this new space in July 2014.

Halifax is a small city on the east coast of Canada, about a twelve hour drive from either Boston or Montreal. The Anchor Archive & the Radstorm space are located in the North End/Central Halifax. We love collaborating with other local groups, and can help make connections and suggest contacts that would apply to your project.

Important information:

All organizations are volunteer-run member-based groups. We operate on small budgets from donations, fundraising, zine sales, screenprinting workshops, hosting events and shows, jam fees from bands, and small community grants. We are not a professional artist centre, nor do we want to be. We are scrappy and have a do-it-ourselves approach. Not all of our stuff/equipment works 100% all of the time, and sometimes we have a hard time making rent, but we make do and come up with creative solutions. We prioritize projects and residents who have a non-professional approach and can make art/music/writing/events/etc that are affordable and accessible to a wide range of people. Please do not expect to sell the work that you make at this residency program for profit to members of our collectives or communities. We will provide as many supplies as we can (and
potentially financial support) to help cover your costs, so that if you have to charge people for your zine/art/tape/event/workshop etc, it can be as affordable as possible.

Though you will be paired together with a collective member for support for your project we encourage self-sufficiency, self-motivation, and independent working. We will help you as much as we can with your project, but please keep in mind that collective members of all groups are volunteers and lead otherwise busy lives.  Residents must be prepared to work in a busy, social environment with little privacy, or sometimes it may be the opposite when there are times when no-one is around. You must also be self-sufficient with meals and housekeeping. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch with us before the application deadline.

We have applied for a grant from the province of nova scotia to help over the costs of this program. We have received the grant for several years in a row and have reason to believe we will get it again, but it is not guaranteed. In the event that we do not get the grant, we may not be able to continue the program. If you are selected we will get in touch with you asap if we do not receive funding and have to cancel or dramatically change the program. There are no fees for residents, but you are expected to cover your own travel and living costs. If we are awarded funding, residents will receive some financial support for their projects.

DEADLINE for applications is Sat February 28, 2015.

Please send applications by email to: with <YOUR NAME> RESIDENCY APPLICATION in the subject line.

We also accept applications & support material by mail-post (make sure it arrives by Sat Feb 28). Please send mail to:

Anchor Archive Residency Program
PO Box 33129
Halifax, NS B3L 4T6

Please feel free to contact us to discuss this further.

- the Residency Committee

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