First Resident of the Year! Shannon Connor (Milwaukee, WI)

by tomorrowboy ()

Shannon will work on the third issue of her zine about DIY music called Basements and Living Rooms, while experiencing the DIY scene in Halifax. She also plans to make 3-5 poster style screenprints based on the DIY scenes both in Halifax and Milwaukee to show correlations between different cities and their like-minded DIY scenes, and to celebrate them both. She plans to base these projects on her experiences with both music and social centres – specifically Roberts Street Social Centre, and Cream City Collectives in Milwaukee.

Since 2007 we have opened our arms to special summertime guests for the residency program. Residencies are two weeks long, and residents are provided with space, equipment and support for their project as well as living space. We may not have a permanent location all summer, but we've still committed to hosting amazing and creative residents and events all summer long!

Click here for a list of all our planned 2012 residencies.