by tomorrowboy ()

Currently at the Eyelevel Gallery on Gottingen Street there's an exhibit of artist books and other printed matter. The Anchor Archive was asked to contribute to the exhibit, so you should go check it out!

Below is their press release. 
March 2nd to March 30th, 2012

Eyelevel Reshelving Initiative is an international biennial exhibition of artist books, multiples, and printed matter. This show is exciting because most of the work is current and fresh. The show is a great opportunity to take a quick sampling of the work that is going on in Halifax and in the broader art community in the medium of printed matter.

In the show, you will find work from Palimpsest (Montreal), Justin Tyler Tate (Estonia), Lisa Folkerson (Toronto), Yorodeo (Halifax), and John Devlin (Dartmouth) and more more more!

Applicants to this year's installment of the Eyelevel Reshelving Initiative were asked to consider the loose theme of 'resistance to change' when making and submitting their work. Many of the 125 + artists who did submit this year chose to include work that deals with this issue.

From artist pins, to screen printed aprons, to work made with a printing press, to a book that was made with needle and thread, to a fully functional foam and cardboard eReader, the work in this year's show takes an irreverent and oppositional view on the steady march of 'progress'. As such the work speaks to a need to innovate, reinvent, and recreate the artist's surroundings.