People's Photocopier Launch Party!

by tomorrowboy ()

Our shiny new photocopier has finally arrived! It’s really fast! It prints things in colour! Amazing! Come and check it out at the launch party at Roberts Street on Sunday, February 12th, from 2-5pm. There will be cake, games, training, and more!

The People's Photocopier is run by a not-for-profit collective that is dedicated to keeping the cost of copies low and providing an alternative to corporate copy shops. Corporate media and publishing continue to concentrate and streamline the power of communication. As amateurs, non-professionals, artists, writers and activists of all kinds, we need to collectively fight for the ability to self-publish our zines and posters, to promote our events, to spread our word. Located at the Anchor Archive, the copier is open for anyone to use for any project. It's accessible during Anchor Archive open hours: Tuesday 6-8 pm and Sunday 2-5 pm.

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