Hauling Anchor: A Statement from the Roberts Street Social Centre

by tomorrowboy ()

After seven years of activity, the Roberts Street Social Centre is entering a time of change. Just before New Year's we received notice that our lease at 5684 Roberts Street will end as of May 1, 2012. Members of the Roberts Street Collective met on January 9, 2012 to begin discussing how to deal with this news. 

In the next four months we will be looking at options for a new space and figuring out how the social centre can continue its programs in the future. We will continue to be in touch as we make decisions and determine our course. In the coming months we will be looking for suggestions, support, and ideas from the community. We will need you more than ever.

Change is difficult, but we hope that through this process we will learn, become stronger, and make Roberts Street (or whatever we are to become) even better. If you are interested in helping, watch our weekly email newsletter, website or Facebook page in the coming weeks for ways in which you can help support us, and public meetings where you can give your input.

Stay tuned.


The Roberts Street Social Centre is a collection of projects dedicated to providing free or affordable access to independent and alternative media, art, and education. Projects that are part of RSSC include the Anchor Archive Zine Library, the Ink Storm Screen Printing Studio, the People's Photocopier, the Crow's Nest meeting space, and an artist and zine-making residency program.