Dinner and a Movie: Shock Treatment!

by tomorrowboy ()

Dinner and a Movie is a social way to share tasty food and watch great films.  On Sunday evenings you can eat a home cooked meal prepared by volunteer chefs, and then watch a movie that they’ve chosen to complement the food (or maybe the other way around).

Dinner is at 6pm, and the movie starts at 7.  The cost is $10/person, and reservations are required!  Email dinner-and-a-movie@robertsstreet.org to reserve your spot.  (We only have room for 12 people at dinner, so make your reservation early!)

November 6th: Shock Treatment
Menu: Vegetarian Enchiladas and Hot Chili Brownies
Where: The Roberts Street Social Centre, 5684 Roberts St
Shock Treatment is the lesser known sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

In the continuing adventure of Brad and Janet Majors, their suburban hometown has been transformed into a giant TV studio, where the brainwashed citizens remain happily glued to an endless series of TV shows. Before you can say, ‘We’ll be right back after this,’ the station’s unscrupulous sponsor has locked Brad up in a mental hospital and recruited Janet to be the sexy star of her own hit show.


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