Lo-Tech Sound Events with our Artist in Resident Anne-Francoise Jacques

by tomorrowboy ()

The Sound Garden, Friday, October 7th, 5-7pm & Saturday, October 8th, 2-5pm
Anne-Francoise Jacques, our current artist-in-residence, presents a lo-tech sound installation in the Robert Street Social Centre garden, based on recordings made around the centre with homemade microphones, cassette recorders, and homemade cassette loops!

Cassette Loop Fun! Friday, October 7th, 7pm
A talk about the Sound Garden and demonstration of the creative potential of homemade microphones and messy tape manipulation by our resident Anne-Francoise Jacques.

Anne-Francoise Jacques (Montreal, QC) will use homemade microphones, cassette recorders and homemade cassette loops to record sound samples around Roberts Street and create an ephemeral sound installation in the garden. Anne-Francois is co-founder of the sound art collective les-son 666 and makes sound pieces for radio and experimental animations.

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