Upcoming events!

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Our current residents are Marlaina Buch & Ross Macauly (Victoria, BC), and they've got some awesome events coming up soon!

Mariana will develop her performance music project Hunter Rapper which humourously and critically explores food politics and systems, while Ross will produce a zine of recipes from memory with hand drawn lettering. Both of them will look specifically at lobster and fisheries, celebrating and examining local food knowledge.

Backyard Bro Down and Wiener Roast, Sunday, September 18th, 5pm(ish)
Marlaina and Russ are holding this rad event to meet local peole and talk about food! Ross is collecting recipes from memory for his project and wants your secrets.
Bring something to cook on a stick - smokies, brats, tofu, bannock, photos of ex lovers...

Boiled Alive! Show & Tell/Culinary Throw Down, Friday, September 23rd, 7:30pm
Marlaina and Ross will present and discuss all the stuff they've worked on. A possible challenge or performance of some form is speculated. Mysterious.


Plus we currently have an Ink Storm resident too!

Print First, Ask Questions Later Ink Storm Workshop, Monday, September 26th, 7pm
Join Montreal-based multi-media artist Edwin Janzen for a workshop on fabric printing undertaken from a freewheeling, experimental standpoint. We will learn to cast aside doubts and reservations as we leverage our latent, internal intelligences, take risks, defy failure and, with purpose and ruthlessness, alter all manner of fabrics using block and screen printing (and possibly other) techniques.

Some fabrics, inks and equipment will be available for general use, but participants should expect to bring along a few items for the workshop, too. Further details upon registration.
Space is limited, so rsvp asap to epjanzen@gmail.com!



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