Ink Storm Postcard Art Call Out

by tomorrowboy ()

Submit your summer themed art before Friday, July 15th, and we'll hand silkscreen it onto postcards to sell at the SappyFest Zine Fair.  All money will go towards Ink Storm.

The postcards wiill be 4x6 inches and we will be printing up to four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black); hopefully in translucent ink (which provides countless more colours with overlapping).  If you'd like to send your layers already separated, please do. (If sending electronically, please be 300dpi and 4X6 inches if possible.)

We will print between 12 and 15 people's work, which can be any sort of design you'd like to submit.  It can be photographic, text-based, drawn, etc...

Each person whose postcard is printed will receive a bundle of everyone else's postcards!

Please send submitions to:
Lizzy Babych:
Jesse Mitchell:

Or, if you know who we are, submit them by hand to either of us or drop them off at Roberts Street.