New Zines in the Anchor Archive Zine Distro!

by nicolem ()

New zines in the distro! For sale at the Anchor Archive or by mailorder (add a couple bucks for postage).

Herbal Healing for Piercing and Tattoos: Organic Aftercare for Everyone 
Anastasia Weedsmith, Calgary. $2
"This book is for those who would like to naturally and organically heal and treat their piercings or tattoos."

Pet Calendar 2011: Friend or Foe 
Sarah Evans, Halifax. $4
It's not too late for a new calendar! Twelve months of drawings and photos of lovely funny pets.

P.A.N. (Possible Assistance Needed) 
Al Barbour, Halifax. $2
Photos of the North End in all its dirty glory taken with a toy panoramic camera.

Roberts Street Social Centre: A Conversational History 
Caleb and others, Halifax. $3
A zine transcribing a dinner party storytelling conversation about the last few years in the Roberts St Social Centre's existence. Also - interview about the cataloguing system / website, and an interview with our landlord!

Ghost Pine #12: Water
Jeff Miller, Montreal. $2
We're all glad Jeff's still making zines since he put out the Ghost Pine book. Here are a few new stories in one of the best storytelling zines around. Jeff was among our first residents back in 2006!

Love letter to Monsters #3/ Alabama Grrrl #9 
Ciara Xyerra / Ailecia, Lawrence KS. $2
A new zine from Ciara (resident in 2007, author of Logic Punx.) She writes in her smart and witty way about closing her zine distro, being on disability, family dysfunction, and finding community in a new city.  Ailecia writes about 10+ years in the Lawrence DIY/punk scene, and a cautionary guide for those considering grad school.