Riot Grrrl Relived; the spirit of grrrl zines, next generation

by nicolem ()

Sunday, October 24th, 1-5 pm

Miss Nico will present a visual examination of current grrrl zines as influenced by the 90's movement; 20 years later- taking the revolution and making it our own. There is relevancy and still (ever) curren tneed for angry-feminist-motion. Zines were the start and are the continuation of this wave of idea; Womanisfesta.
There will also be pancakes! And a new zine from Miss Nico!

Miss Nico is a zinester currently living in Milwaukee, WI. She is a collective member of QZAP and an organizer for the Milwaukee Zine Fest. We are happy to have her here as the last Roberts St Resident of 2010!