DIY Silkscreen screen building workshop

by nicolem ()

Wednesday, October 6th, 6-9 pm

Run by Maryanna Hardy, current Inkstorm artist resident!
Learn how to make a screen-printing screen with a wooden picture frame, a staple gun and screen. Bring in your own wooden picture frame. The simpler the frame the better, the frames should not be too big or too small, a minimum size of  9" by 9" and a maximum size of 15" by 15". If you don't have a frame kicking around your house, 2nd hand stores are a great place to find them for a couple dollars. If you have access to a staple gun, please bring it along.

There will be a fee for the workshop to cover the cost of the screen/mesh that we will be providing (just a couple of dollars). We will have enough screen for 10 people so  you must RSVP to

About Maryanna Hardy: In 2006 and 2007 she ran a DIY drop in screen - printing studio called Detention located in Montreal. Maryanna is originally from Saskatchewan, and she is currently calling Toronto home. She has exhibited her drawings across Canada and has been published internationally. She’s designed and printed gig posters and worked on visual arts collaborations such as the YPF Collective’s recent showing at Osheaga music festival. She will be publishing a book of her drawings called So I’ve Been Told with Conundrum Press this November. You can find her work here:
During Maryanna's inkstorm residency she is  screen-printing a book from a series of drawings that are about spirits, the Northern Lights, legends,doing acid with friends, and hypothermia.