Fall Workshop Schedule for Transition Halifax workshops at Roberts Street

by nicolem ()

All workshops run from 7-9 pm. A small material fee may apply. Pre-register by emailing skillshare@robertsstreet.org

Sept 23rd Preparing for Winter: Help us prepare Roberts Street for winter! David Fright will show us how to insulate with cheap materials like cardboard.
Sept 30: Make your own Rain Barrel: Jason Carter and Jen Stotland will show you how to put a tap on a plastic container to sit under a roof's spout and catch rain for the garden. The top will have screen, to keep out mosquitos, and it will lead to a hose.
Oct 7: Public Transportation 101 with Sarah Ensslin: Learn to navigate the Halifax bus and ferry system, complete with field trip!
Oct 13: Reusable Menstrual Products with Susannah Eve: Learn your options for an eco-friendly month: cloth pads, keepers and more.
Oct 21: Weed Walk: What can you eat that is growing wild in the city? Jen Stotland will take you on a walk and show you how to identify edible wild plants in Halifax.
Oct 28: Home Humanure: Jenn Stotalnd will show you the basics of a cheap composting toilet.
Nov 4: Economics of Peak Oil with Jason Carter: How will peak energy affect the economy, your personal finances and why?
Nov 11: Caring for Cast Iron with Jason Carter : An iron skillet can last for generations. Learn proper care of this honoured tool.