Call for Submissions: Birthday Card Designs

by nicolem ()

!!Call for Submissions!!

A very merry un-birthday to Inkstorm!!!!

In belated celebration of Inkstorm's 3rd birthday we are having a card exchange and fundraiser.

Here's whats happening:

Inkstorm is looking for people interested in either: printing their own birthday cards or for people to send in their own design to be printed by a talented inkstorm member. This means you get a pack of birthday cards one of which will be your own design. All the remaining cards will be used to raise funds for the screen printing studio.

What you can do:

You can send an email with your image to

If you are designing a card for us to print your design can include red, yellow, blue. 

The image will be printed on white paper. 
If you can do the colour separation yourself send four separate images. One image of the the colours together and one of each colour.
If you can't separate the colours yourself don't worry! I will sit down in photoshop and do it for you, just send in your design as one image.
If you are a current inkstorm member and would like to print your own let us know so we can tell you know the minimum number to print (to ensure there are enough for the exchange and for raising funds).

Most importantly, all the cards should be birthday themed.

Any submissions should be in by 29th of September.