Catalogue Parties Are Back!

by nicolem ()

We currently have over 4000 items catalogued!  But there are still a lot of zines left and more cataloguing to undertake. Certain subjects have been somewhat neglected.  If you have an affinity and/or knowledge of activism, anarchism, class struggle, mental health, international politics, or art, we would love for many of the zines that fit in these categories to be catalogued.  But don't worry, there are many other zines uncatalogued as well.  Especially personal zines.

If you own a laptop, it would be helpful to bring along but not necessary.  If you don't actually know how to catalogue, Elise will be there and can teach you. (There will also be baked goods!)

If you are interested in helping out the dates are:

Monday July 26
Monday August 9
Monday August 16

All dates from 7 to 9pm.

Contact Elise at zinelibrary at if you can't come on Mondays but still want to help catalogue.