Marie-Desneiges Stockland concert

by nicolem ()

Monday, August 2nd, 4 pm, Robert Street Social Centre backyard

Marie-Desneiges Stockland is a young emerging Montreal-based singer-songwriter who draws inspiration from the musical traditions of the past while imbuing them with her personal sensibility. With her guitar and sometimes just her voice, she gives the audience the gift of an honest, natural performance that speaks directly to their spirit.

Marie-Desneiges has brought her sweetly melancholic voice to schoolyards, barns, apple orchards, coffeehouses, bookshops, underground churches and boxing gyms.  From 2005 to 2008, she played guitar and sang in the Appalachian old-time trio Little Brown Jug, recording a self-titled CD and playing in festivals in and around Montreal. While continuing to perform around Montreal, Marie-Desneiges recently finished recording her debut EP The Loving Touch, using a 4-track tape recorder, some borrowed equipment and the help of some friends in her apartment. She plans to release the EP in Montreal in September 2010.