I swam here… a creative writing workshop on magic

by nicolem ()
June 13, 2010 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

This two-hour workshop will give an introduction into the literary tradition of magic realism and lead participants through a process of brainstorming, free writing and sharing personal stories, placing them in the framework of magic.

Questions this workshop will look at:
How is magic political? / How has it been used politically? / Why is it an effective or ineffective tool in artistic practices? /  Can this be applied to other practices?
There will be an opportunity to record an oral history of migration or travel following the workshop, as part of  “The Custom of Killing Rabbits” project.

Faciliated by Alessandra Naccarato, your current Shed Resident. Alessandra is a spoken word poet, community organizer & youth worker from Montreal, Quebec. She is here collecting sights, sounds & archives, uncovering and adapting her play “The Custom of Killing Rabbits”; the true story of her grandmother swimming from southern Italy to the port of Halifax in 1947. Catch the first reading of the play in the Robert St. garden, Friday June 18, 7:30 (rain date Saturday June 19, 7:30).