Papergirl Call for Submissions

by nicolem ()

From Molly, our current shed resident: 

Hi Halifax,

I'm one of the people lucky enough to be staying in the shed at Roberts Street right now.  Thanks!

In addition to working on a zine while here, I'm trying to collect submissions for a project I'm part of back home.  It's called Papergirl, and we're trying specifically to collect hand-made posters, prints, zines, etc made by people doing interesting things in their communities (that's all of you).  After showing everything in a big group show, we'll distribute them for free to people all around San Francisco.

There's a more detailed description of the project below, but if you have any prints you've made that you'd like to donate (including misprints that aren't quite perfect or multiples you have too many of), please bring them by Roberts Street before June 9th. 

You can see the sorts of things submitted in the past in the BEITRÄGE/ SUBMISSIONS section of the Papergirl Berlin website: