Gardening at the Roberts Street Social Centre

by nicolem ()

Thanks to the hard work of Meristem Collective, the yard at the Roberts Street Social Centre is looking fabulous, and a gardening committee has been formed! We have some big plans and need helping hands and donations.

Here are some of the plans:

1) Rebuilding the garden in front of the Centre by building up the walls and adding more soil and flowers

2) Build and install window boxes on both the Centre and the shed. We could also use some big, fat tin cans for this job

3) A veggie garden featuring ingredients for one of our favourite foods – pizza! The idea behind this is so that we can host a fundraiser for the Roberts Street at the end of the summer where everyone gets to make a pizza with delicious herbs and veggies from the garden

4) Tea and herb garden wherever we find extra space, like in the new window boxes

5) A shade garden in the back corner, near the rear entrance

In order to make all these wonderful projects a reality, we need donations of both materials and plants, as well as volunteers with green thumbs or just an interest to lend a hand. As the gardening committee, we have little experience, but lots of heart, so any experienced gardeners would be welcomed!

Here is a list of some materials we’re seeking:

- Cinder blocks or something similar to build up the wall of the front garden

- Good quality soil/compost/manure for all of the gardens and window boxes

- Materials to make window boxes or premade window boxes

- Big buckets (like primer/paint buckets) and big hooks to the hang buckets from the side of the building (upside down tomato plants!)


- Some trellis, netting, or something similar for climbing plants

- Chicken wire to build supports or cloches

- Colourful exterior house paint for the new fence

- A few big pots

Here are some plants that we are seeking seedling or seed donations:

- Tomatoes (all kinds!)

- Hot peppers

- Eggplant (small or dwarf varieties)

- Zucchini

- Beans

- Arugula

- Herbs

o Basil

o Oregano

o Dill

o Rosemary

o Lemon Verbena

o Chamomile

o Mint

o Lavender

o Rosehips

- Shade loving plants such as

o Hostas

o Ferns

o Astilbes

o Grasses such as Calex & Hakonochola


We are open to ideas and will take anything until the space is full!

If you feel that you have materials, expertise or plants that you are able to donate, please contact either Hillary or David and we can organize a pick-up/drop-off/meeting time that is convenient for you!

As far as plants and soil go – now that the warm weather is upon us (kind of) we would like to start right away.

Thanks in advance for your support!


Hillary Webb and David Figueroa