2013 Residents

by anchorarchivist...

May 28 – June 11: Rosie Toes (Montreal, QC)

Rosie will make a zine about Halifax's DIY punk music fest, Harbour Water Fest. The zine will include photography, interviews, posters & more, chronicling the history and the development of Harbour Water Fest over the last 4 years. Rosie's photography can be found on her photo blog. More about Harbour Water Fest (May 31, June 1 & 2): http://hwf4.diyhalifax.ca

June 14 – June 28: Sabrina Scott and Adam Cole Czuchnicki (Toronto, ON)

Sabrina and Adam will create a collaborative zine on self-care. The zine will focus on an interdisciplinary approach, including diverse perspectives on food, magic, spirituality, fitness, and self-care.

Sabrina Scott is an illustrator and designer based in Toronto. She is currently a Masters student in York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies. Her academic research focuses on intersections between spirituality (particularly Paganism and occultism), activism, and cultural production. Her illustrative work explores spiritualities, magic, folklore, flora, fauna, textures, patterns, and everything in between. She makes drawings, paintings, woodcuts, prints, and goodies for the naturalist in all of us. You can check out her colourful artwork at http://sabrinascott.ca.

Adam-Cole Czuchnicki is a mad person and a student in the Community Worker program at George Brown College. As an athlete he has fought as an amateur boxer and is currently a competitive cross country, track and road racer for George Brown and the Longboat Roadrunners. As a mad person Adam-Cole uses intention, food and year-round endurance & strength training as alternatives to clinical medication and he will bring his experiences as an ally and a member of radical punk communities in Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Winnipeg to the discussion on self-care.

July 2 – July 21: Jesse Orr (Montreal, QC)

Jesse is a puppeteer and linocut printmaker who will be expanding her skills to zine printing at the Roberts Street Residency. After learning about the wild seaweed harvest in Maine, Jesse hopes to connect to seaweed lovers in Halifax and share what she's learned via a zine and a seaweed-themed event. Please contact her via the the RSSC if you have wild seaweed knowledge about Halifax or environs!

July 24 – August 12: Christopher Lee Kennedy (Greensboro, NC)

Christopher Lee Kennedy will transform the Robert Street Social Center into a living mushroom collaboratory for the ID of fungi specimens, mushroom foraging adventures, and mycological print making. You're invited to join for a community mushroom hunt and free advice on how everything is connected to everything else (like a rhizome of course). Kennedy is a teaching artist and curator living in Greensboro, North Carolina. He makes place-based projects that experiment with social learning, queer identity, and civic play. His process is research-based and collaborative. He is currently working through education and the rise of academic capitalism by playing inside a living museum Elsewhere, and pursuing a PhD at the University of North Carolina.

August 12 – August 25: Elvis Bakaitis (Brooklyn, NY)

Elvis is currently working on Homos in Herstory, a comics zine that focuses on 19th and 20th century queer history. Elvis is plotting to work on their 1980's edition of "Homos in Herstory" while in Halifax, and is super thrilled and excited to be there. More info here! Elvis is a Brooklyn-based zinester and future librarian. In 2012, they co-organized the NYC Feminist Zinefest with Kate Angell.

August 26 - September 8: Kelly McElroy (Iowa City, IA)

Kelly is a librarian and will be working on a series of mini-zines focused on radical research topics, a sort of correspondence school answering the questions: why look offline? and how?

September 7 – September 20: Erin Fae (Auckland, NZ)

Erin will write and create a new issue of her feminist and art perzine, Imaginary Windows. This issue will cover topics such as community, vulnerability, and longing. She will host a skill-sharing workshop on how to ferment kimchi. She will present her project and zine with a dinner party where participants will share the fermented foods from the workshop. Erin is the co-director and founder of Alphabet City, a community art space and artist residency program focused on zines and letterpress printing in Auckland, New Zealand.

September 28 – October 18: Hagere Selam (shimby) (Winnipeg, MB / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Hagere Selam (shimby) makes dreamy experimental films using super 8 and 16mm. At the roberts street residency, she will be creating a short about trying to make sense of experiences from when she was 18 and in halifax for the first time. It will be an exploration of young adulthood, subcultures and identity intersections and will be screened with live musical accompaniment + a bake sale at the end of her three weeks at roberts street.

October 19 – October 31: Carina Phillips (Prince Edward Island)

Carina, the woodland elf from Byrnes Road P.E.I, will be organizing embroidery workshops/ stitch-tea parties where she will share embroidery skills and conversations with the Robert's street community. She hopes to create site-specific patchwork embroidery that reflects her experiences there and to hold a closing art show.