Selling zines and managing the distro

by anchorarchivist...

The Anchor Archive has a distro that sells local zines, zines made by residents, and sometimes other zines. We sell the zines at the library, at zine fairs, and through the mail. The money we make goes toward maintaining the library, paying rent, etc. The distro is managed by zine library volunteers.

Selling zines during open hours

If someone wants to buy a zine or zines during open hours all you need to do is...

  1. Check the back of the zine to see if there is a price tag, to make sure it's for sale.

  2. Send them to the Plan B cash register to pay for the zine.

Buying zines during open hours

If someone comes to the zine library and wants to sell their zine in our distro ask them if they've sold their zine here before.  If they have and they're dropping off more copies, check to make sure we need more copies. If we do...

  1. Buy more copies of the zine using money from the tin.  We will pay approximately 50% of the retail price.  Do not buy more than 5 copies unless the zine is very popular.  If they don't want any money for their zines and want to donate them to the distro, that's awesome!
  2. On the paper in the tin write down the date, how much, and what it was for (e.g. "Nov. 1, 2012; $10, zines bought").
  3. Go to the Distro section of the Open Hours Binder and find the list of distro zines. Find the title of the zine you bought and in the Acquired column write the number bought and the date (e.g. "5 - Nov. 1, 2012").  Write the wholesale price you paid per zine in the Price - wholesale column if it's not already filled in.
  4. Price the zines using red stickers in the desk drawer.  Make sure you write ZL above the price!
  5. Put the zines on the shelf of Zines for Sale.

If someone wants us to sell their zine and we have not sold it before ask them to leave a sample copy for us to consider.  Write down the person's name and contact info and how much they want to sell their zine for and attach the note to the sample copy of the zine.  Leave the zine in the Open Hours box on the storage room and e-mail the open hours coordinator to tell them it's there. 


Maintaining the distro


If you notice we are getting low or have run out of copies of a certain zine in the distro, you can check the Distro section of the Open Hours Binder to see when we last acquired copies of the zine and who from. If we have had copies of the zine for more than a year and they are not selling well, we should not get more copies. If the zine appears to be selling well, you can contact the zine-maker to request more copies or make more copies of the zine if we have originals on file. All originals are kept in the Zine Library filing cabinet in the storage room.