2012 Residents

by tomorrowboy

May 28th - June 10th: Shannon Connor

Shannon will work on the third issue of her zine about DIY music called Basements and Living Rooms, while experiencing the DIY scene in Halifax. She also plans to make 3-5 poster style screenprints based on the DIY scenes both in Halifax and Milwaukee to show correlations between different cities and their like-minded DIY scenes, and to celebrate them both. She plans to base these projects on her experiences with both music and social centres – specifically Roberts Street Social Centre, and Cream City Collectives in Milwaukee.

June 14th - 27th: Sarah Winifred Searle

Sarah seeks to be inspired by what she discovers in Halifax and wants to create a short transmedia narrative in two parts: an interactive website with a printed zine-like physical component. (Comics!) She can be found online at http://www.swinsea.com/.

July 2nd - 15th: Jesse Blank

Jesse has been creating and self publishing comics for several years. While in Halifax they will complete their new collection of non-fiction comics with stories ranging from the history of hoodies, to looking at the relationships people have with crows in major cities. Jesse is looking to bring fun and energy back into learning and research, by approaching the accessibility of learning in new formats.  Check out their website at everythingsalrightforever.weebly.com.

July 19th - August 1st: Amber Dearest

Amber is planning on completing the 26th issue of her quarter-sized perzine called Culture Slut which focuses on feminism, queer-identity, adventures, small-town living, and more. She can be found online at http://fight-boredom.com/.

August 3rd - 16th: Aubrey Burke

Aubrey has recently completed a degree in visual arts with a minor in business and would like to distill what he has learned into two zines: one on personal finances and one on how to manage the financial aspects of artist-run-centres.

August 18th - 31st: Marie-Pier April, Marie-Andrée Godin, and Audrée Demers-Roberge

Marie-Pier, Marie-Andrée, and Audrée Demers-Roberge will collaboratively create a bilingual zine inspired by their experiences in Halifax and distribute it throughout Halifax and Québec. Marie-Andrée studied Theater and now studies Visual Arts at Université Laval in Québec. Marie-Pier currently studies Art history at Université Laval and plans on studying Visual Arts next fall. They are founders of a self-managed publishing house in Quebec city that goes by the name C’est beau escabeau.

September 3rd - 16th: Ella Morton

Ella will create pinhole photographs with pinhole cameras she has built. The exposures will be of everyday scenery around Halifax and will be manipulated by using burning and dodging techniques to depict ufos and other paranormal happenings in the scenes. This residency coincides with a solo exhibition at Viewpoint Gallery, Halifax, NS. Her work can be seen at www.ellamorton.com.

September 18th - October 1st: Megan Gendell

Megan wants to make Trabant #5, which will be a zine about the 9-month professional circus training program she will complete in May of this year. This series began in 2005, coinciding with her training to be a flying trapeze instructor. trapeze instructor. This zine has followed her journey throughout the world of circus, from training on flying trapeze (Trabant #1) to discovering handstands (Trabant #2), to performing professionally with a feminist acrobatics company in NYC (Trabant #3), to trying to understand priorities around art-making and art objects in her life (Trabant #4).She can be found online at http://somethingsbegun.com/zines/.

October 3rd - 16th - Margaret Forsey

Margaret will create a series of hooked rugs that explore the themes of pregnancy, birth, breast-feeding, and babies. These hooked rugs are made of reclaimed materials and feature images inspired by people in her community. She is a doula (a trained birth attendant) and a child-care provider and wants to express the beauty and vitality she sees in babies and their families. She can be found online at http://margaretforsey.com/.

October 18th - 31st: Amy Leigh

Amy Leigh is in the midst of working on a book documenting Canadian zine culture over the last decade and a half. While she hopes to dosome Halifax-specific research during her residency, she is mostly going to focus on writing a (first!) personal zine of her own. (Finally!) You can also check out her distro, twelveohtwo at the PopExplosion Zine Fair on October 20th.