Sample Collective meeting agenda

by anchorarchivist...

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Roberts Street Social Centre Collective Meeting

Wednesday April 9, 2011, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


7:00 Go around of names and gender pronouns / Introductions to RSSC, consensus process, and reasons for gender pronoun go-around if new people are present or we haven't met in a while (10 min)
-Choose date and facilitator for next meeting

7:10 Look over agenda, add or strike items (5 min)

7:15 Review business from last meeting and Emergency Decisions (15 min)
- Willie in the shed
- Maple sugar project
- Residency update

7:30 Review committees and roles, pass off jobs as needed, very brief update from coordinators if not otherwise addressed in the rest of the agenda (15 min)
(see below for current list of committees and roles)

7:45 Maintenance (5 min)
-Pass out maintenance sheet for the next month
-Update from Maintenance Coordinator - how did the cleanup day go?

7:50 Finance report (10 min)
- Update from finance committee - compare to budget
- Review of grants - HRM Community Grant, Residency Grant
- Dump and Run application

8:00 New Business (30 min)
- Discussion items:
* Summer Student hiring process
* Gardening committee
* Dorota kids play project
- Proposals:
- Review scheduled projects and events for the next month/few months
* Fundraising week! Brainstorm events

8:30 Discussion and new ideas (20 min)
-What would we like to happen?
-Zine Camp in summer 2011

The End.

Current roles/committees from the last meeting are as follows:
Announcements: Nicole
Email Checking: Amanda
Bookings: Melissa
Mail/Messages: Sarah
Maintenance: Sarah, Sorrel, Hugh
Bookkeeper: Sarah
Finance Committee: Zac, Hugh, Amanda, Lucas, Sarah
Website: Amanda, Zac, Nicole
Anchor Archive open hours: Nicole
Inkstorm open hours: ?
Dinner/Movie: Nicole, Geoff
Pop Ed: Lucas, Mike, Jess
Residency: Capp, Dave, Sarah, Jyelle, Nicole
Outreach committee: ?
Fan Club: Jean, Lucas, Keeley
Gardening Committee: Hillary, David, Jill

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