Collective E-mail List Policy

by anchorarchivist...

The Collective email list is used to keep folks involved Roberts Street informed about projects and issues and delegate tasks as needed. It is also a decision making body under circumstances explained in the emergency decision making policy.

Anyone who is involved in Roberts St committees/activities and indicates that they would like to be on the list will be included on it. At general meetings anyone not on the list is invited to join. The person checking email will add new people to the collective list when asked.

To remain on the list, a person must be involved in Roberts St committees/activities and attend one general meeting per year. If meeting attendance is not possible for an individual, they can request to be added to the list at any time and can send regrets to the meeting in lieu of attendance, with the understanding that they will read the minutes and participate.

At the start of each year the person checking email will remove anyone who has not attended a meeting and been involved in the previous year.