Consensus Process

by anchorarchivist...

The Roberts Street Social Centre Collective uses this consensus decision-making process at its meetings.

  1. Proposal is put forward.

  2. Discuss proposal, decide to make decision (or not).

  3. Call for statement of concerns, address any with more information or discussion.

  4. When a proposal seems to be formed, time for a go-around. Objections?

  5. Make further revisions to the proposal if necessary, repeat go-around if necessary.

  6. Facilitator calls for consensus. A show of hands from everyone:

    -agree (support proposal in its current form)

    -abstain (no opinion)

    -block (cannot move forward with proposal in its current form)

    -stand aside (concerns but comfortable moving forward)

  7. Facilitator repeats the proposal and it is entered in the minutes.