Key Policy

by anchorarchivist...

The Ink Storm and Anchor Archive key policies both require that someone:

  • request a key at a meeting,
  • make a $20 deposit for the key,
  • fill out a key-holder's form, including name, phone, address, and other pertinent contact info,
  • will not copy or loan out the key to non-key-holding members,
  • understand that this is a privilege and will be a responsible key holding member.

The Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective requires that someone:

  • has taken an orientation, intro, or a three-part screen printing class at Ink Storm,
  • has shadowed an Ink Storm member during open hours,
  • has done at least three shifts of open hour duties,
  • will attend monthly meetings as often as possible, send regrets when they cannot, and share in Ink Storm duties,
  • will return their keys after four months without involvement.

The Anchor Archive Regional Zine Project requires that someone:

  • work four volunteer shifts,
  • will have their key revoked after one year without working a shift.

The Roberts Street Social Centre Collective requires that someone: 

  • has been involved with the Collective for at least 4 months,
  • has come to at least 2 Collective meetings,
  • has taken on a role or joined a committee,
  • has a role or task that requires access to the building.

Exceptions can be made to the above criteria if the Collective agrees.