Upstairs Guests Policy

by anchorarchivist...

1. Guests should look for other options first.

2. A RSSC member can ask for a guest to stay in the Crow's Nest space by making a proposal at an RSSC General Meeting, or by making a proposal over email to the Collective.

3. A proposal must be made at least one week in advance of the guest's arrival.

4. The proposal must include:

4.1. clear arrival and departure dates (there is a maximum stay of 3 nights)

4.2. how the guest will contribute to the Social Centre (e.g. financially, or by providing a service like cleaning, giving a workshop, fixing something)

4.3. the name of an RSSC member who is sponsoring (and taking responsibility for) the guest. The guest's sponsor is responsible for the guest's conduct while they are staying at the centre, and for cleaning up after they leave.

5. The guest must be informed of our expectations of them, which are:

5.1. Keep the Crow's Nest, kitchen and bathroom tidy.

5.2. Do your dishes.

5.3. Put away your belongings and bed before you leave for the day, and before people come up to use the Crow's Nest, if it's booked.

6. The space is not being offered as a residence; RSSC events are first priority.

7. An email reminder should be sent to the Collective list a day before the guest arrives.

8. A note with the guest's name and dates he/she will be staying should be posted on the door to the Crow's Nest (in the kitchen) for the duration of the guest's stay.

9. For longer term planning, it would be a good idea to coordinate with the calendar committee and residency committees by email.