Emergency Decision Making Policies

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Emergency Decision Making (2 days or more) Policy

  1. Emergency decisions can be made over email.
  2. Emergency decision making will follow the same consensus procedure as our regular decision making, except where changes have to be made to accommodate email communication, as detailed below.
  3. Emergency decisions will be made by the Collective.
  4. The Collective will consist of active members who wish to participate in this kind of decision making, and the list of members on the Collective will be updated regularly.
  5. A proposal can be put forth for consideration by the Collective by emailing the everyone on the Collective.
  6. Timeline: the proposal must be put forth at least 2 days in advance of the decision deadline, and before the next meeting (otherwise it should be discussed at the meeting).
  7. The Collective should only deal with real emergencies, something that can't wait - it shouldn't be something you simply forgot to bring up at a meeting.
  8. Proposals can amended and modified through discussion over email. Anyone participating in the discussion should "Reply All" so that everyone can see their input. We will eventually set up a proper mailing list to make this an easier process.
  9. A proposal will be passed when a quorum of members has emailed their assent or abstention, which can be signalled by expressing agreement, non-support, reservations, or standing aside (see consensus procedure for definitions)
  10. Quorum consists of half of the members of the Collective list (rounding down in case of an odd number) + 1. E.g. if there are 15 people on the list, quorum = 7.5+1, which rounds down to 8.
  11. If quorum is not reached the proposal cannot be passed.
  12. Any Collective member can block a proposal by explicitly stating in an email that they block the proposal.

Emergency Decision Making (under 2 days) Policy

  1. If a decision needs to be made in less than 2 days, the decision can be made by an RSSC member.
  2. A note must left in the Social Centre immediately, explaining the decision.
  3. A full explanation of the decision must be emailed to the Collective list as soon as possible, and not later than 24 hours after the decision has been made.
  4. All emergency decisions will be reviewed and discussed at the following Social Centre general meeting.