Meeting facilitator to-do list

by anchorarchivist...

Before Roberts Street Social Centre Collective meetings, the facilitator should:

  1. Review the minutes from last meeting and note items that need further discussion.

  2. At least 1 week before the meeting, create an agenda (sample agenda) and send it to collective members. Invite people to contribute new items to the agenda and provide as much information as possible about proposals they make. Give them a deadline to send their additions.

  3. Revise the agenda. Order items and decide how much time to spend on each item.

  4. At least 2 days before the meeting, send the agenda to collective members and remind them of the meeting time.

  5. Before the meeting, print a blank chore sign-up sheet for the next month. Bring it to the meeting along with the binder of meeting minutes. Make sure the minutes from the previous meeting are in the binder.