2010 Residents!

by anchorarchivist...

May 25 - June 6: Hunter Jackson & Molly Goldberg - New York and San Francisco

Molly and Hunter created the zine "All of Us Giants", to "identifying the things we like and enjoy that lay hidden in the world we walk through every day; but that also means learning to imagine what’s not here, and thinking about how to combine it with what is." They compiling ideas from interviews conducted, anonymous answers put in public Answer Boxes, and a Think-a-Thon/Talk-a-Thon/Draw-a-Thon/Make-a-Thon.

June 7 - June 20: Alessandra Naccarato - Montreal, Quebec

Alessandra Naccarato worked on transforming sections of her play, The Custom of Killing Rabbits, into an interactive spoken word performance that shared a story of immigration, combining auto/biography and historical fact with fantasy. A lovely one-woman candlelight performance was held in the garden at dusk.

June 21 - July 4: Nancy Anne McPhee - Montreal, Quebec

Nancy Anne McPhee set up a natural dye studio in the Roberts Street yard.  She experimented with preparing an Indigo pot, dyeing greens, used dyed silk to make small trapunto wall quilts. She held an all-day open-studio workshop to show and teach all parts of the dying process to several keen crafters.

July 5 - July 18: Miranda Elizabeth - Lindsay, Ontario

Maranda Elizabeth completed a new issues (#20) of her zine, Telegram Ma'am, revolving around on disability and writing. Maranda also held a workshop on "Mental Health and the Concept of Home" and an Ice Cream Social and Zine Launch Party, and participated in the 24 Hour Zine Challenge and our 5th Birthday party!

July 19 - Aug 1: Teresa Chun-Wen Cheng - Toronto, Ontario

Teresa Chun-Wen Cheng worked on creating a short stop-motion video from one of her comics, exploring the effects of racism and colonialism on children's perception of themselves and the violence that comes out of the internalized racism. She held a screening of the video-in-progress.

Aug 2 - Aug 15: Henry Adam Svec - London, Ontario

Henry Adam Svec worked on Folk Songs of Canada Now, a musical performance art piece that explores the possibility that Henry is a folksong collector. He gave a public performance of his work at the Company House, as well as SappyFest in Sackville NB. Henry also gave a workshop on Stage Banter for performance artists and musicians.

Aug 16 - Aug 29: Kerri Flannigan, Kir Tancon and Heidi Cho - Montreal, QC / Vancouver, BC / Toronto, ON

Kerri, Kir and Heidi made the amazing and epic zine "Make the Wind Blow... a Zine on Music and Resistance." The zine explores the political use of music as means for building community, self-representation, shared histories and social justice. It is a compilation of stories, articles, profiles and art that celebrates inspirational figures in music, and includes a mix cd, silkscreened cover, and art cards! They held an art show, zine launch and show and tell to share their work.

Aug 30 - Sept 12: Katie Haegele - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Katie made issue #4 of her zine "White Elephants", about yard saling and her love of all things old and unwanted, with a little linguistics lesson on the word nostalgia and related words in other languages, too. She held a yard sale/zine launch event entitled "Nostalgic For Something We Can't Remember: The poetry of secondhand things."

Sept 13 - Sept 26: Clara Bee Lavery - Toronto, Ontario

Clara wrote and illustrated a zine called "Hungry: A (re)Collection of Memorable Meals and Disordered Eating." She held a Zine L(A)unch, potluck lunch, reading, and discussion about relationships with food .

October 12-25: Miss Nico - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Miss Nico organized Riot Grrrl Relived, an art show and visual examination of current grrrl zines as influenced by the 90's Riot Grrrl movement. Miss Nico also participated in the 2010 Pop Explosion Zine Fair, and finished a new issue of her zine "Desensitized."