Shed Residencies begin May 25th

by nicolem ()

Our regular winter events are winding down, but soon there will be a lot of events put on in conjunction with our residency program. The details of each events will be posted on an ongoing basis as they are worked out, but in the meantime, below is the fabulous list of residents for this year.

May 25 - June 6: Hunter Jackson & Molly Goldberg - New York and San Francisco

Molly (SF) and Hunter (NYC) are working together to make a zine of Things We Believe In.  While leading workshops/think-a-thons (talk-a-thons, draw-a-thons, do-a-thons!), they want to focus in on & name what we like, what we want, what we believe can, should, or could exist: working to identify the things we like that lay hidden in the world; but also learning to imagine what’s not here, and thinking about how to combine it with what is.

June 7 - June 20: Alessandra Naccarato - Montreal, Quebec

Alessandra Naccarato is a writer, artist, and spoken word poet from Montreal. She will be transforming sections of her play, The Custom of Killing Rabbits, into an interactive spoken word performance that shares a story of immigration, combining auto/biography and historical fact with fantasy. Ms. Naccarato has previously worked on community art projects with a number of organizations and is the coordinator of Lip Zine, a quarterly publication showcasing emerging artists. She has also exhibited installation and performance pieces at a number of galleries and venues.

June 21 - July 4: Nancy Anne McPhee - Montreal, Quebec

Nancy Anne McPhee is a textile installation artist from Montreal. She will set up a natural dye studio, and make several quilted embroideries, continuing her work to create invisible histories and communal knowledges. Nancy has exhibited her textile work in a number of solo and group shows across Canada.

July 5 - July 18: Miranda Elizabeth - Lindsay, Ontario

Maranda is a zinemaker from Lindsay, ON who will be working on a new issue of her zine, Telegram Ma'am. So far she has made 18 issues about mental health, loneliness, nostalgia, adventures, bicycles, small
towns, and finding a home (check out copies in the Anchor Archive Zine Library). Her newest issue will focus on disability issues, DIY mental health, snail mail, and book series like the Baby-Sitters Club. She'll throw a zine launch and reading at the end of her stay.

July 19 - Aug 1: Teresa Cheng - Toronto, Ontario

Theresa Cheng is a comic artist, poet, zine maker and filmmaker from Toronto. She will be working on a claymation of one of her comics, creating dialogue about racism and colonization. Theresa has had her work published in School Magazine and has created a number of zines alone and in collaboration with other artists.

Aug 2 - Aug 15: Henry Adam Svec - London, Ontario

Henry Adam Svec is a London-based artist focusing on trans-disciplinary projects that incorporates an array of media and performance traditions. He will be working on a project about folk music collections, involving several local songwriters, and will share a mock lecture/music performance. Henry has produced a number of musical performances that have been shown in a number of venues across Canada and his projects have been documented on CBC Radio and a many local newspapers.

Aug 16 - Aug 29: Kerri Flannigan, Kir Tancon and Heidi Cho - Montreal, Quebec

Kerri Flannigan, Kir Tancon and Heidi Cho are three zine makers, screenprinters, and artists who currently work together at the Ste.Emilie Skillshare in Montreal, exploring issues of arts as a means of building community, self representation, shared histories and heroes. They will create a series of posters to celebrate unacknowledged people and movements, based on previous screenprinted poster work.

Aug 30 - Sept 12: Katie Haegele - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Katie Haegele is a writer and zinester who lives in Philadelphia. She has done a number of zines over the last several years, starting with Word Math, a collection of found poetry. Since 2004 she has published a serial zine about language called The La-La Theory, which she's working on making into a book. During her residency she will work on this manuscript. She plans to sit quietly and do some essay-style writing, then go explore her temporary home, making poems from text she finds ... wherever she finds it.

Sept 13 - Sept 26: Clara Bee Lavery - Toronto, Ontario

Clara Bee Lavery is a Toronto-based illustrator and artist. She will be working on a zine illustrating memorable meals, and with short narratives connecting them to patterns of disordered eating, body image, and cultural expectations. Her work is namely autobiographical, consisting largely of self-portraiture and nostalgic recollection, working to break the silence around mental health issues and women's societal struggles.

October 12-25: Miss Nico - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Miss Nico is an artist and zine maker from Milwaukee, WI. She is part of the Queer Zine Archive Project, and will hold a revival-style event focusing on the early 90s Riot Grrrl movement that produced music, zines and community. She actively makes and distributes zines by other zine makers and is active in the international zine community. Miss Nico will be featured as a special guest at the 2010 Pop Explosion Zine Fair here in Halifax.