Help! The website looks different!

by nicolem ()

Does the website look a bit funny to you? Our website team is working to make the website even better.

We've enabled the Events Calendar to help you plan your schedule in advance. We've also removed the annoncements feed from the sidebar and changed the home page to a feed of our news blog. Announcements will now show up as individual blog posts as we receive details about them, instead of all at once on Thursdays when the announcements are sent out via email. The home page is now where you can go for all the latest Roberts Street Social Centre News. You can filter what kind of news you're reading by using the tags below each blog post. (For example, to only see posts about events, you can use the event tag.) To subscribe to our news feed in your RSS reading, use this link (either click and follow the instructions offered by your browser, or copy and paste the link to your RSS aggregator). If you're looking for more general information, you can visit the About Us page.

Our long-term project will be switch the site over to a new version of Drupal, the software we use for the site. At the same time we'll be completely redesigning the site. It's exciting, because the current version of Drupal limits what we can do. The new version is much more flexible, so our new website will be super-duper awesome!

If you have any suggestions for the site, or if you'd like to be on our website team, contact us.