Call for Artists—Anarchist Black Cross Art Auction Fundraiser

by nicolem ()

The Halifax Anarchist Black Cross is holding an art auction on May 1st as a fundraiser for Oso Blanco (Byron Shane Chubbuck), a Native American political prisoner.   All the money raised will go towards Oso Blanco’s legal fees.  He has been forced to hire a lawyer due to consistent mistreatment and abuse by prison authorities.  To do this, we need your help!  We cannot make all the art ourselves and are asking people to contribute artwork to the cause.  We are looking for art of any medium including but not limited to drawings, paintings, photography, silk screenings, super 8 films, ready-mades, ceramics, sound sculptures; if its art, we want it!  Ideally, we are hoping to get all the potential pieces in our grubby little hands by April 14th so we can have them up on our online gallery before the auction.   More information will be available closer to May 1st.  If you’re interested and curious, we can be contacted at