Announcements! Return to Oz! Screenprinting Classes! Math!

by nicolem

1) Dinner and a Movie – Return to Oz – Sunday, April 4, 6pm

2) Letter Appreciation Club – Tuesday, April 6th, 6pm-8pm

4) Popular Education – An Interactive Discussion About Math – Wednesday, April 7, 7pm

3) Cataloguing!!! Thursday April 8th, 2pm-4pm (No Monday cataloguing next week)

4) Ink Storm Screenprinting Classes in April

4) Call for Zines – Anchor Archive table at Halifax Crafter’s Fair

5) Crow's Nest space for rent

6) Roberts Street Social Centre! Come by and check it out. More open hours!

7) Roberts Street FAN CLUB !


1) Dinner and a Movie  – Return to Oz – Sunday April 4, 6pm

Presenters: Amanda Stevens & Christine Comeau

Return to Oz is a sequel to Wizard of Oz that was made in the 1980s and stars a young Fairuza Balk in her first role as Dorothy. Supposedly a children's movie, Return to Oz depicts Oz as a post-apocalyptic nightmare dystopia ruled by the evil Nome King and Princess Mombi - a woman who selects a different head to wear each day according to her mood.

Menu: Vegetarian Lasagna and roasted veggies from the Market! And the special Easter dessert is going to be Chocolate-Covered Marzipan-Stuffed Dates!

Please email to reserve seats, because there is only room for 14. Admission is $8.


2) Letter Appreciation Club – Tuesday, April 6th, 6pm-8pm

Curl up with a typewriter or pen and paper, rubber stamps and tea and catch up on your correspondence in the company of other enthusiasts of the written word.


3) Popular Education: Grant Pardy -– Wednesday, March 31, 7pm

Grant will show some examples of theorems and concepts he's learned and try to explain why it makes him love math more.  He wants everyone to learn that most actual math has very little to do with number crunching and a lot more to do with objects, and the relationships between objects.  Please bring your math questions, as well as your opinions/fears/likes/dislikes about this subject.


2) Cataloguing!!! – Thursday April 8, 2pm-4pm

Ever wonder how you can help out the center? We are in the process of cataloguing all our zines in a digital catalogue. Come by anytime for some tea, popcorn, and zine cataloguing. Please note that there will be no cataloguing on Monday April 5th.


4) Ink Storm Screenprinting Classes in April

Registration is open for the Inkstorm Intro to Screenprinting and Three Part Project classes.

Intro to Screenprinting

$20-$40 sliding scale

Wednesday, April 7, 7:15pm

2 hours of instruction will take you through all the steps in a photoemulsion screenprinting project; coating the screen, image preparation tips, burning the screen, printing, and washing out the screen, as well as info about screens and inks. We ask that anyone wanting to use the studio first complete this class. Limit 5 per class, please register by emailing



Three Part Project Class

3 classes, 2hrs per class

$75 for all three classes, including materials

Email for dates.


In this workshop you will get step-by-step hands on instruction in screenprinting in order to complete your own project. You get your own screen to work with and we will cover coating the screen with emulsion, image design with and without computers, exposing and burning techniques, mixing your own inks, printing on your choice of paper or fabric, and stripping the screen. 

This class is designed for people who have already taken the 2 hour Intro to Screenprinting workshop with Ink Storm or have some previous experience. Limit 4 per class, please register by emailing


4) Call for Zines – Anchor Archive table at Halifax Crafter’s Fair

Have zines you've made? The Anchor Archive Zine Library is going to have a table at the Halifax Crafters' Fair April 17 and 18. If you want your zines included in our table, please drop some off (5-15 of each) at the Anchor Archive with a price list. We'll keep any extras for selling at the zine library.


5) Crow's Nest space for rent

Need space to hold meetings, events, small workshops, or show films? You can rent the Crow's Nest (upstairs) at the Roberts Street Social Centre. There's a digital projector and screen, sound system, chairs and tables.... Rates start at $5 for a quick meeting and help pay the rent! Email us to find out more.


6) Roberts Street Social Centre! Come by and check it out. More open hours!

Open Hours for both Anchor Archive Zine Library and Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective

Sundays 2-5pm, Mondays 2-4pm, Tuesdays 6-9pm & Thursdays 2-4pm

Come borrow and browse zines, become a member, or have a look at our rapidly growing catalogue! Also get a tour of the screenprinting studio, sign up for workshops, or get started on a project. Please note that there will be no open hours on Monday, April 5th.


7) Roberts Street FAN CLUB!

We are asking zine lovers, screenprinting enthusiasts, local or visiting artists, and popular education devotees to demonstrate their support financially. Community support is essential for the Roberts Street Social Centre to continue to grow and thrive. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated. Send us an email with your mailing address, and we’ll send along an info sheet.