Anchor Archive open hours training checklist

by anchorarchivist...

Name and pronoun go-around (if more than 1 person being trained)

Overview of Anchor Archive

  • History
  • Mandate: providing free or affordable access to independent and alternative media, art, and education. Space for people to come together to share skills, knowledge, and resources. DIY, non-hierarchical, consensus-based approaches.
  • Structure: Collectively run, consensus-based, no paid staff, no one in charge, you run the zine library, monthly meetings, regular work parties
  • Open to new projects and ideas
  • Zine worskhops, residency, summer student, relationship with Ink Storm and Sad Rad

  • Trans-inclusive - not assuming gender, gender neutral pronouns, pronoun go-arounds at meetings

Ways to be involved

  • Open hours

  • Cataloguing (Sunday afternoons, take zines home)

  • Zine workshops

  • Website

  • Posters and pamphlets

  • Table at zine fairs

  • Organize events

  • Explaining open hours and cataloguing today

Responsibilities when doing open hours:

  • Help visitors to the library
  • Help with photocopier
  • Tidy up zine library and photocopier room
  • Check in and reshelve zines
  • Catalogue zines
  • Process incoming mail
  • Make copies of fliers
  • Other projects
  • Make zine displays
  • Follow up on overdue zines

Give tour - show/explain:

  • Zines in library - by topic and personal - how they're organized

  • Books

  • Magazines in storage – will eventually make list or catalogue all, available by request

  • Mini-zines

  • Step ladder/stool

  • Returns box

  • Open hours binder - go through, ask them to read through policies

  • Change jar

  • Storage space - box of open hours stuff, zine-making kit, boxes of zines to sort through, file cabinet with zine originals and other things

  • Zine-making supplies in photocopier room

  • Washroom

  • Plan B, relationship with cafe, Plan B staff available to help and answer questions about space, Plan B has a lot of stuff and we often need to move it out of the way

  • Gallery space is used for events, sometimes things not put back, sometimes things/garbage left behind

  •  People can hang out without buying something from the cafe.


Zine research

  • Different ways of searching for zines in catalogue
  • Finding zines on the shelf


  • Becoming a member
  • Adding new members
  • Checking out zines
  • How to fast catalogue
  • Checking in zines
  • Checking for overdue zines
  • What can be borrowed and for how long



  • Selling zines
  • Buying zines

Accepting zine donations

  • Collection policy
  • Buying new zines


  • How to fast catalogue
  • How to fully catalogue (if the volunteers are interested)
  • How to add an additional copy
  • How to edit catalogue records


  • Mandate of People's Photocopier
  • Single-sided and double-sided
  • Colour copying
  • Special features
  • Printing from thumb drive and scanning to thumb drive
  • Adding paper, changing toner
  • Costs and how to pay
  • Making copies for the Anchor Archive - how to record
  • What to do if there's a problem

Sign up new volunteer...

  • for a zine borrowing hours shift
  • to the collective e-mail list
  • to announcements
  • to zine borrowing hours e-mail list