Anchor Archive open hours training checklist

Overview of Roberts Street Social Centre

  • Mandate
  • Participating in collective
  • Open to new projects
  • Trans-inclusive

Responsibilities when doing open hours:

  • Help visitors to the library
  • Check phone messages
  • Make copies of fliers
  • Tidy up - clean up dishes, organize space, sweep floor
  • Reshelve zines

Optional activities:

  • Catalogue zines
  • Add box category stickers to zines
  • Make zine displays
  • Follow up on overdue zines


  • Becoming a member
  • Adding new members
  • Checking out zines
  • How to fast catalogue
  • Checking in zines
  • Checking for overdue zines
  • What can be borrowed and for how long

Buying and selling zines

Accepting zine donations

Using the photocopier

Overview of zine library policies:

  • Computer use
  • Animals
  • Children
  • Overdue zines


How Ink Storm works


  • Unlocking and locking door and key access
  • Using the kitchen and bathroom
  • Heat
  • Where the circuit box is in case of power outage

Crow's Nest

Fan Club

Who to call with questions or for emergencies (lists of phone numbers in kitchen)