Popular Education Series

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The Popular Education talks were a series of lectures, discussions, slide shows, show & tell and other kinds of presentations that took place in the Crow's Nest at the Roberts Street Social Centre. 

The talks were organized in the spirit of providing free access to education and information, inspiring critical discussion and fighting the winter blues.

Talks happened every Wednesday at 7pm.

2011 Talks:

April 20: Tom Webb, Manager of SMU's Master of Mgmt - Co-ops and Credit Unions

Co-ops in the midst of economic crisis: replacing corporate globalization with global co-operation

In the post September 2008 period what do we need to change about how we think about the economy. What is the economy really? What would happen if we replaced corporate globalization with global co-operation? What are the characteristics of an economy consistent with the co-operative business model?

Previous Talks:

February 2, 7 pm - Susan Wolf on palliative care in a paediatric hospital.

March 2: Jayme Melrose on Starhawk, Permaculture and Earth Activism

April 13: Hillary Lindsay from the Halifax Media Co-op, Wednesday, April 13, 7 pm


Pop Ed Radio airs every second Tuesday night at 11pm (Atlantic time) on CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax, and on the web at ckdu.ca.

Larry Morgan - Exoplanets

 Eyelevel Reshelving Initiative - Michael Benjamin Brown, go it alone (together) (Emily Davidson and Kaley Kennedy), and Laura Kenins