Tagging and User Comments

by zinelibraryzac ()

The Anchor Archive will allow users to add their own tags and comments to zine records. Tags will provide complementary user-generated subject indexing to zine records. Comments will be primarily used to gather reviews of zines from members.

We initially assumed that Tagadelic was the module that would allow users to add tags to records, but we discovered that Tagadelic is actually used for internal tagging, not user tagging. For user tagging, you need the Community Tags module. Community Tags depends on Tagadelic. Tagadelic is used to display tags in the popular tag cloud format (wherein tags which have been assigned more often are presented in a larger font). Community Tags requires its own Drupal taxonomy to be set up for user tags to be added to. It also maintains a separate database table (community_tags) which associates users with taxonomy terms and drupal nodes. To use this module, first you set up a vocabulary in the taxonomy section, then you go to Community Tags under the Site Configuration menu and you select the vocabulary that you want to activate for community tagging.

The Anchor Archive would like to have some control over the community tags, so that if someone adds an extremely offensive or useless tag, an administrator could delete the tag. However, it appears that this is not possible with the Community Tags module. When a user submits a tag to a piece of content (a node), the term is added to the taxonomy of user tags and a new row is added to the Community Tags table linking that user’s ID to the taxonomy term’s ID and the node’s ID. The term is also added to the Tagadelic module’s table of node-term associations. The trouble is, when a user deletes a term, all that is deleted is this three-way association: the term itself remains in the taxonomy. Thus, when a node is viewed, even those terms which have been “deleted” by the users who submitted them remain associated via Tagadelic with the node. The three-way Community Tags association is used to generate a weight for each subject term. Having a weight of zero means a subject term gets the smallest font size - but it does not disappear.

We suspect it would be possible to hack either Community Tags or Tagadelic to solve the problem of incomplete term deletion, but we would have to delve deeper into the inner workings of these modules to figure out how. We hope to resolve this issue and still be able to use the Community Tags module.

In terms of comments, Drupal’s core modules include a function for comments that allows users to add a comment to any published content. It is possible to adjust the settings so that all comments must be approved by administrators before they are published, which the Anchor Archive will probably do. You can also adjust a user’s profile to enable or disable permission to add comments.