How to FastAdd! zines

by anchorarchivist...

If a member wants to borrow a zine that hasn't been catalogued yet, you will need to FastAdd! it, or catalogue it quickly, entering only the most relevant information.

  1. Log in to the website using your own member account (you must be a Librarian) or the general Anchor Archive account. Go to Log In in the side menu and enter your username and password.
  2. First, double check that the zine has not already been catalogued. Even though it may not have a sticker on it, it may be a second copy of a zine that has already been catalogued or the sticker may have fallen off. Search for the zine by entering the title or part of the title in the Search box on the top right of every screen or by going to Zine Library > Zine Catalogue and entering the title or part of the title in the Title field. If you do not find the zine, go to the next step. If you find a record for the zine, you will need to create an Item record for it, which is a record for this particular copy of the zine. Go to Create Content > Item and then proceed to the section below Create Item record.
  3. Go to Create Content > Zine. You will see a bunch of fields here but the only ones you need to fill out are Title and Box Category.
  4. Enter the title of the zine in the Title field. Capitalize the first letter of every word other than “a,” “the,” etc., even if the words are not capitalized on the zine. If there is an issue number, enter it after the Title with a number sign (e.g., Willyboy #3). If the zine has a subtitle that you think is important to include, enter it after the title, separated by a colon (e.g., Jane: Documents from Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973). If you run into other oddities or questions with the title, refer to the instructions on How to Catalogue Zines.
  5. The other field you need to fill out is Box Category. The Box Category is the broad category that the zine fits best into. These categories correspond with the names on the boxes where the zines are filed in the library and tell patrons where they can find specific zines. When you click on the Box Category field a drop-down list of Box Categories will appear. Select the one that best fits the zine you're cataloguing. Descriptions of all the box categories are available on the website at Zine Library > Zine Catalogue > Browse Boxes.
  6. If you need further guidance on selecting a Box Category, see the instructions on How to Catalogue Zines.

  7. Click Submit.

Create Item record Now that you created a Zine record, you will be taken to a page called Submit Item where you will create an Item record. The Zine record contains information about the content of the zine. The Item record is a record for an individual copy of a zine. Most zines will only have 1 Item record (for 1 copy) but some will have 2 or more if there are 2 or more copies. While you're fast cataloguing, you only need to worry about the copy you're holding in your hand.

  1. Begin typing the title of the zine in the Zine Title field. The system will look up titles and suggest them to you in a drop-down menu. Select the correct zine title.
  2. In the Cataloguing Status field select FastAdd! (not fully catalogued).
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Submit.
  4. The system will bring you back to the Create Zine Record screen and at the top of the screen will be an Item Number. This is the zine's call number. Write the number on a sticker and stick it on the bottom right corner of the back of the zine. Stickers should be in an envelope in the Cataloguing box by the computer. Reinforce the sticker with clear tape if needed.
  5. Stamp the inside back cover or back cover of the zine with the Anchor Archive Zine Library stamp.