System design

by anchorarchivist... ()

We have now conceived of a design for
most aspects of the Anchor Archive library system. We have made
postings about what different parts of the system will look like, all
sharing the category of “System Design.” We have been working in a
practice system that Zac installed on his server. If anyone would like
to have a look at this system and get a better idea of what we’re
talking about, contact us and we will give you a login and password.

The biggest challenge we’ve found so far is that there are often
many different ways to do something in Drupal and sometimes it’s
difficult to determine which is the best way. To the best of our
ability, we have assessed different options for achieving the
functionality we need in Drupal and chosen what we feel is the best
way, but if any of you know of a better way or have other information
that will impact our decisions, we welcome your input. We also welcome
all other comments and questions.

Next we will be embarking on designing the real system, which is both scary and exciting.