Vocabulary Index module

by anchorarchivist... ()

When I went to the Drupal site to find and download the Directory module, I ended up looking through all of the different modules associated with Taxonomy and I fell in love with Drupal again. Maybe "love" is too strong of a word, but I remembered how amazing Drupal is and how it can do everything and how much fun it is to try to figure out how to do something in Drupal. It can definitely be frustrating as well but that just makes it all the more satisfying when you finally figure it out. I found a lot of neat modules and now I wish I could spend a lot of time making our Drupal site as awesome as it can be. Unfortunately this is just my volunteer job so instead I focused on the task at hand and made note of other modules to look at in the future.

I found another module called Vocabulary Index module that does something similar to the Directory module but it is newer and seems to do even more. I installed this module instead of Directory and then easily created a page listing our 2 blogs. I also created a block of taxonomy terms for the Catalogue Blog vocabulary and added the block to the sidebar of the Catalogue Blog page. I was hoping to instead display my terms as a tag cloud at the top of the blog but for some reason Tagadelic will only display terms in a list and not a cloud, but I think I can fix that in the future. This Vocabulary Index module may come in handy for other things in the future. I like this interface for accessing the blogs better and am going to use it.