Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective!

  Ink Storm

Ink Storm is a collectively-run non-profit screenprinting studio. We offer affordable studio access to members, and have several different classes available as well for beginner screenprinters (see below). We rent screens and have emulsion and stripper available for a small fee.

Ink Storm’s mandate is to provide affordable public access to screenprinting equipment and facilitate sharing of knowledge through skill-building workshops.  We are addressing the lack of affordable studio and workshop space in the HRM, allowing anyone access to skills and equipment that gives them the ability to express themselves artistically and produce posters or t-shirts to promote community projects or events. We also strive to create a space for building ideas, sharing skills, and collaborating on projects.

The Ink Storm studio was housed in the Roberts Street Social Centre and is currently looking for a new home. You can contact us at inkstorm at