Help us continue to offer awesome affordable community resources and events by making a donation and joining our Fan Club! We're a volunteer-run organisation which operates on about $20,000 per year. We sometimes get grants for specific projects, but our rent and bills are covered by fundraisers, workshops, selling zines and screenprinted matter, and by donations from people who know and love and support our little space. Our mandate and facilities are unique in the Maritime region and were created to meet a demonstrated need for more inclusive access to independent media and culture. We strive to provide financially accessible programming and offer many of our services and resources for free or by donation.

We invite zine lovers, screenprinting enthusiasts, local or visiting artists, and popular education devotees to demonstrate their support by contributing money. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated. To show our appreciation to Fan Club members, we offer you an awesome gift and your name on our Fan Club plaque.

There are a number of ways to donate.

  • In Person
    Come to the house during open hours, there are a number of donation boxes lying around.
  • Cheque
    Cheques are great, and none of the money goes to any financial services corporation. Plus we love opening mail.
  • E-mail money transfer
    We've had success receiving cash sent via Interac e-mail transfers. There's generally a small flat charge, which for larger donations could be better than a percentage fee.
  • Paypal
    We did it.  We got a paypal account.  Paypal keeps 2.9% of all donations.


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