Rat Skool Subject Lottery Presentations

by spacegirlnub

 Rat Skool Subject Lottery Presentations - Tuesday, February 12th, 6:30pm

At 5684 Roberts Street Social Centre

In the Crow’s Nest, just upstairs at Roberts Street!

These presentations look like they’re going to be fantastic! This Rat Skool presentations will be on:

  • The Tunnels Underneath Halifax
  • The White Rose Collective
  • History of Anarchist Squats in Canada
  • How to Make Homemade Penny Cannons

How does the subject lottery work?
The subjects are decided by a completely random lottery, as are the people who are presenting on them. At each event we ask people to submit topic ideas.We also collect names of people willing to do presentations on topics they most likely know little about! Then a few names are drawn and a few topics are drawn and those people prepare a short (5-15min) presentation for the next session the following month.