Board Game Club: 1000 Blank White Cards + Zine Launch!

by tomorrowboy

The points have been counted, the awards have been readied, the zines have been printed, it's time for the last event of the season (and the last event I'll be able to host before I move away!). Facebook event.

Everyone who shows up will get a prize of some sort! Seriously!

Plus we'll have the 2012/2013 Halifax Casual Gaming Federation Annual zine (create your contribution now!).

And we'll be playing 1000 Blank White Cards, a card game where you make up the cards as you go along. Everyone draws and/or writes things on a number of cards, they're shuffled together, dealt out, and the game begins! People lay cards, and then argue over what they do.

What types of cards can they be? An ace of clubs? A forest? A +2 sword of awesome? Pick up two cards? Switch positions with the person opposite you? Target player can no longer speak English? Anything and everything is fair game! The game ends when there are no more cards to draw and everyone argues over who is the winner.