Prisoner Justice Day 2012

by tomorrowboy
Johanna B. Oosterveld Centre
2103 Gottingen Street
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

(This event is NOT at the Roberts Street Social Centre.)
Dr. Gary Kinsman will be speaking about the use of surveillance and criminalization to regulate queer communities. Dr. Kinsman is a long-time queer liberation, anti-poverty and anticapitalist activist. His work explores the use of national security and surveillance to regulate gender and sexuality. 
Readings of poetry and other writings of women who have been incarcerated in Nova Scotia. 

Organized by Books Beyond Bars • Contact for more information
Co-sponsored by NSPIRG • The space is physically accessible with gender neutral bathrooms

What is Prisoner Justice Day?

On August 10th 1974, prisoner Eddie Nalon bled to death in the segregation unit of Millhaven Maximum Security Prison located in Bath, Ontario. On the first anniversary of Eddie´s death, prisoners at Millhaven refused to work, went on a one day hunger strike and held a memorial service, even though it would mean a stint in solitary confinement. Many of the alleged leaders in this one daypeaceful protest would still be in segregation a year later. In 1976, thousands of prisoners across Canada went on a one day hunger strike, while Prison Justice Day Committees were formed in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia to organize community events to draw attention to the prisoners concerns. Prisoner Justice Day is marked all across the world by people inside and outside.  (Source: Vancouver Prisoner Justice Day Organizing Committee)