What to do with donated zines

by anchorarchivist...

Sometimes people drop off or send zines to the Anchor Archive as donations. If you receive donated zines or sort through a pile of donated zines during your shift, you can follow these steps to figure out what do with them. If you don't have time to do anything with them, please put a sign on them that says “Donated Zines” or add them to an existing box marked “Donated Zines.”

  1. Are they zines? The Anchor Archive can only house zines due to space restrictions, so if someone gives us books, magazines, pamphlets, or other non-zines, we can't keep them. We make some exceptions to this rule, like books that are compilations of zines or books and magazines that are about zines. If you're uncertain, ask another collective member. If the person who donated the non-zines is still there, give them back. If they're gone, see if you can contact them so they can take their non-zines back. If we're stuck with the non-zines, try to find another home for them or put them in the free/by donation pile.
  2. Look up each zine in the catalogue to see if we already have it. We can only keep 2 copies of each zine because of space restrictions.  If we already have 1 copy, catalogue the second copy (see the section Create an Item Record for instructions on this).  If we already have 2 copies, put the zine in the free/by donation pile.  If we don't have the zine at all, catalogue it or put it in the box of zines to be catalogued.
  3. Once you go through all of the donated zines, thank the person who gave them to us – either in person or by e-mail or letter. Ask if they want any free zines in exchange.