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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Lucky Comics #4
Jesse Jacobs
Chris Lockerbie
Peter Diamond
Halifax, NS2005
Lukarv: The Illiterate Librarian. Book 1
Flaff Productions
m@b #8: I Hardly Wear Underwear Anymore
Matthew Blackett
Toronto, ON2000
Mall Burn
Me and Edith Head
Sara Ryan
Steve Lieber
Me and My New Hair
Bryan Jones
Melamine Carbomb: Comix and Creepy Fun
Mark Connery
Toronto, ON2009
Dan Moynihan
Microblast #16
Vincent Perez
Monsieur Dalber: Superficie et Périphérie
Marie-Andrée Gilbert
Olivier Bhérer-Vidal
Quebec City, QC2008
More Comix About Portland & Bicycles
Shawn Granton
Ten Foot Rule
Portland, OR2007
Morgenmuffel No. 16
Isy Morgenmuffel
Brighton, UK2007
My Brain Hurts: Volume One
Liz Baillie
Brooklyn, NY2007
My Life in a Jugular Vein: Three More Years of Snakepit Comics
Ben Snakepit
Austin, Texas2007
MY snow
Caron Levis
Nixon Comix #1 / Lumpy Discharge
Seth Weber
Andrew Whitwell Larrison
Portland, OR2006
Nobody Uses an Umbrella in Portland
Shawn Grafton
Portland, OR
North Atlantic
Colleen T. MacIsaac
Halifax, NS2008
Not Available Comics #27
Matt Feazell
Detroit, MI1997